Board of Health Members

Bear River BOH

Box Elder County

Jim Abel

Commissioner – Jeff Scott, Chair

Chief Deputy, Dale Ward

Cache County

Cheryl Atwood

Sara Sinclair

Cache County Attorney – James Swink, Vice Chair

County Executive, David Zook

Rich County

Commissioner – Bill Cox

Central County BOH

Brenda Bartholomew

County Commissioner – Scott Bartholomew

County Commissioner – Ralph Brown

County Commissioner – Dean Draper

Nichole Harward

Bruce King

Kasey King

County Commissioner – Clinton
Painter, Chair

LaNeeta Sudweeks

County Commissioner – Will Talbot

Kecia White, Vice Chair

County Commissioner – Stanley Wood

Davis County BOH

Dr. Gary Alexander

Ann Benson

Neal Geddes

Brandon Hatch

Commissioner Lorene Kamalu

Dr. Ryan Stewart

Dr. Colleen Taylor

Troy Wood, Chair

Scott Zigich, Vice Chair

Salt Lake County BOH

Stacey Bank

Councilman Arlyn Bradshaw

Michele Corigliano, 2nd Vice Chair

Rylee Curtis

Mayor Robert Dahle

Kalina Duncan, 1st Vice Chair

Dan Eckersley

Kencee Graves, MD

Roderic Land

Pimmie Lopez

Leticia Medina

Mollie Nordgren

Dan Poulson

Mimi Shen


San Juan County BOH

County Commissioner – Willie Grayeyes

Logan Monson, Chair

Genevieve Mitchell

Suzette Morris, Vice Chair

Gary Suttlemyre

Lois Young

SouthEast BOH

Carbon County

Christian Bryner, Attorney

Commissioner – Larry Jensen

Zak Konakis

Debbie Peet, Chair

Grand County

Breann Davis

Rhiana Medina, Vice Chair

Gabriel Woytek

Emery County

Kathi Kearney Reaves

Kelly Wilson

Commissioner – Kent Wilson

Summit County BOH

Dorothy Adams

Kim Carson

Chris Cherniak

Doug Evans

Dr. Ilyssa Golding, Chair

Heidi Jaegar

Chris Ure

Marc Watterson

Tooele County BOH

Pam Bennett

Devan Clevenger

Anthony Howes

Mathew Jackson

Mayor Brent Marshall, Chair

Linda McBeth, Vice Chair

Commissioner – Tom Tripp

Michael Wells

TriCounty BOH

Daggett County

Commissioner – Randy Asay

Seat #1 – Jodi Tinker

Medically Trained Seat:

John Mathis

Duchesne County

Commissioner – Gregory Miles

Seat #1 – Terry Nelson

Seat #2 – Keith Goodspeed

Uintah County

Commissioner – Brad Horrocks

Seat #1 – Richard Jolley

Seat #2 – Shanna Wheller

Utah County BOH

Jeff Acerson, Chair

Commissioner – Tanner Ainge

Ann Anderson

Mark L. Donaldson

Carl Hanson

Sam Jarman

Gaye L. Ray, RN, FNP-C

Ryan Schooley

Jordan Singleton

Wasatch County BOH

Dr. Neal Burton, Chair

Kendall Crittenden

Jay Eckersley

Roger Ford

Michelle Ludlow

Britt Manning

Barbara Rodriguez

Dr. Sara Simonsen, Vice Chair

Weber-Morgan BOH

Weber County

Dr. Frank Brown, Chair

Neil Garner

Dr. Kenneth Johnson

Morgan County

Councilman – Jared Andersen

Jer Bates

Mayor Leonard Call

Donna Chapman

Kevin Eastman

Ali Martinez, Vice Chair

Alex McDonald

Bonnie Wahlen

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