Legislative Watch List

“Monitor” means the bill is of interest to Utah Association of Local Health Departments (UALHD), but UALHD does not have a specific position on the bill.

“Concern” means UALHD is concerned with the current status of the bill and is working with the bill sponsor.

“Oppose” means UALHD is opposed to the bill as currently written.

“Support” means UALHD supports passage of the bill.

“Priority” means the UALHD has designated this bill as a priority for local public health.

Bill NumberBill TitleSponsorSummaryPositionStatus
HB 405 S01Public Health AmendmentsRep. BirkelandRestricts the authority of public healht to issue orders of restrictions and provides and exemption for medical studetns to wear face covering or be vaccinated
House 3rd Reading
HB 106Electronic Cigarette RequirementsRep. RohnerCodifies the nicotine content limit for electronic cigarettes at 3%.House Health and Human Services Committee
HB 128Tobacco Cessation AmendmentsRep. PetersonProvide access to tobacco cessation information and education for youth under the age of 18Senate Health and Human Services
HB 182Student Survey AmendmentsRep. LisonbeeRemoves references to the Utah Student Health and Risk Prevention Statewide Survey, requires an LEA to update policies to require parental consent for any non-academic survey given to a student, obtain annual written parental consent, obtain new parental consent for transferring students, and provide parents a list of data recipients of any non-academic survey, and authorizes the state board to collect fines from an LEA for noncompliance, allows an LEA to opt into administering the model school climate survey created by the state BOE, and makes technical changes. ConcernSenate Education
HB 41Health Data AuthorityRep. LesserRemove the sunset provision of the Health Data Committee MonitorHouse 3rd Reading - Circled
HB 52Hemp Harm Mitigation AmendmentsRep. Dailey ProvostTax structure for HEMP and cannabinoid produce
Improve guard rails for youth access to THC product
Senate Rules
HB 126Emissions Regulation AmendmentsRep. StoddardRemoves a provision allowing a county to exempt certain vehicles from emissions inspections.House Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment
HB 33Cigarette and Tobacco Tax and Licensing AmendmentsRep. EliasonRequires a person filing a report with the State Tax Commission file the report electronically.MonitorPassed both Bodies
HB 279Air Quality AmendmentsRep. ClancyEstablishes a policy regarding reducing certain emissions, addresses possible revocation of a vehicle registration for avoiding emissions testing, clarifies civil penalties by counties, provides for counties to notify the Motor Vehicle Division of the use of an address that is not a bona fide address to avoid emissions testing, defines terms, requires specified state agencies to develop plans to reduce emissions, repeals outdated language regarding air quality mitigation, and makes technical changes.House Rules
SB 106Cold Plunge PoolSen. Bramble Defines a public cold bath and prohibits the Department of Health and Human Services from regulating public cold baths. MonitorHouse Business and Labor
SB 13Education Entity AmendmentsSen. FillmoreProvide a provision for immunization exemptions for students attending a microeducation entityPassed Senate
SB 42Health and Human Service Reporting AmendmentSen. KennedyModifies and repeals reporting provisions related to Department of Health and Human Services programs, replaces a report for the Hepatitis C Outreach Pilot Program with a sunset date for the pilot program, and makes technical changes. MonitorPassed both Bodies. Sent to Governor for signature
SB 16Motor Vehicles Act AmendmentSen. HarperAllows the Division of Motor Vehicles to provide title to certain off-highway vehicles, defines terms and amends the definitions of certain motor vehicles, and amends a provision to allow certain motor vehicles to emit visible contaminants.Passed both Bodies
SB 17Safe Drinking Water Sunset ExtensionsSen. SandallExtends Safe Drinking Water Act to 2029.Passed both Bodies
SB 61Electronic Cigarette AmendmentsSen. PlumbLimits Subsection 1 substances to 360 mg/container and 24 mg/ml, and Subsection 2 substances to 3% nicotine and 36 mg/ml nicotine concentration. Senate 2nd Reading
SB 73State Food Supply AmendmentsSen. WintertonDefines terms, provides that local food is exempt from regulation by the federal government, places restrictions on state regulation of local food, limits rulemaking authority in relation to local food.Senate 2nd Reading
HB261 S04Equal Opportunity InititativesRep. HallThis bill prohibits an institution of higher education, the public education system, and a governmental employer from taking certain actions and engaging in discriminatory practices.Signed by Governor
HB 403Tattoo Artist Licensing AmendmentsRep. MatthewsRequires a statewide body art bill. Senate 2nd Reading
SB 133Electronic Cigarette and Other Nicotine Product AmendmentsSen. BrambleRequires the State Tax Commission to report suspected sales of illegal electronic cigarette products or nicotine products to the local health department, Department of Health and Human Services, and the Department of Public Safety. It requires the local health department to investigate whether the sale is illegal, requires the State Tax Commission to maintain and publish a list of all persons licensed to distribute an electronic cigarette product or a nicotine product in the state, requires an electronic cigarette product or a nicotine product retailer to purchase the products from a distributor that is licensed in the state, and requires the State Tax Commission to impose a penalty upon a retailer that purchases an electronic cigarette product or nicotine product from a person other than a licensed distributor. House Revenue and Taxation - Passed House committee with a favorable recommendation, but sent to House Rules because of fiscal note.
HB 422Public Health Orders AmendmentsRep. BarlowGrants authority to the medical director of a
local health department to approve a
written health department protocol under
which prescriptions may be issued within
the public health system, which is in addition
to the same existing authority granted
to the medical director of the Department of
Health and Human Services.
SupportSenate Health and Human Services